Rustic Bride NW

About Us

  Hey Ya'll! Haven't heard of Rustic Bride Nw? We host a spring wedding show in WA state for future brides to come meet local rustic wedding pros in a casual, fun setting. You'll find tons of inspiration, ideas & bridal connections for your future Big Day!

  Each of our events held in a different BARN venue. Our first show was at Bertelson Winery in Conway WA in 2016. The 2017 Rustic Bride Nw was at Dairyland in Snohomish, and our 3rd event at Stilly Brook Farm in Arlington Spring 2018!

We have had excellent feedback and success from both the participating vendors and the onlooking brides planning their special day! 

We are currently taking a break and refreshing our creativity and inspirations. There are NO UPCOMING Rustic Bride Nw wedding shows scheduled at this time.